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Women’s Bar Soap

Our women’s bar soaps are made with natural ingredients. In fact, our bar soaps are made with 100% organic coconut oil. Therefore, our women’s bar soap are deep cleaning antibacterial soaps. They provide a wonderful rich and luxurious lather using a towel or loofah.

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Even though we make a deep cleaning soap, no harsh chemicals are used. In fact, we do not add color to most of our women’s bar soap. Therefore, you are left with a nice and simple scented bar of soap. You can use them along with our body balms and bath bombs.


Coconut Oil, Water, Lye, Fragrance or Essential Oils

How to Use:

Using a towel (or loofah), wet both the soap and wash cloth with comfortable warm water. Roll soap in towel until a lather has been created. Remove soap from towel and use the towel to wash the skin.

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