Creative Bath Bombs

Sweet Heart Bath Bomb

Sweet Heart Bath Bomb


Sun-Kissed Glitter Bath Bomb


Grenadian Jungle Bath Bomb


Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb creative bath bombs Creative Bath Bombs

Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb 


Summer By The Sea Bath Bomb


creative bath bombs

Five’s A Crowd


creative bath bombs

Creative Bath Bombs

Our creative bath bombs are for true bath bomb fans! We attempt to make different bath bombs that cannot be found anywhere else. However, it can become a challenge to keep things top secret online. Because, we display our unique bath bombs for everyone to see.

What makes our creative bath bombs unique?

First of all, all of our bath bombs are handmade. Therefore, our bath bombs are the art work of one individual working at Lynese’s Bath Products Etc. In this way, our creative bath bombs are made to be enjoyed and make bath bomb art.

Second, we endeavor to source unique molds. And that is basically all that can be said about that. However, it is a creative process to design creative bath bombs with a highly detailed mold. Therefore, these are fun to make, but are time-consuming.

Then, we strategically add a variety of colors to make sure your bath water turns an expectantly nice color. With a licensed cosmetologist on our team, we know color! Therefore, our creative bath bombs will always turn your bath water a vibrant and pretty color.

In addition, we use different essential oil combinations and fragrances for our creative bath bombs. In this way, you also get a variety of really nice aromas to choose from. Therefore, you can take time to try them all!

And finally, we add some lathering action! A bath bomb is not a bath bomb without some foamy fizz action. Therefore, our creative bath bombs will produce some suds. And, we keep it organic!

There you have it! Our creative bath bombs are made using unique shapes, colors, aromas, and suds! Click on the images above to get some more of our individual creative bath bombs information.