Bath Bomb ArtBath bomb art is one of the fascinating benefits of using some bath bombs. With a great combination of smells, colors, and oils, bath bombs are a real treat. Therefore, we will use this page to display some of our most creative bath bomb art.

How Bath Bomb Art is Made

Bath bomb art is made after a bath bomb is placed in the water. However, it is a combination of art and science that contribute to the bath bomb art that is made. Some of which is proprietary information. Nevertheless, the coloring and fizzing are some of the main things that make the bath bomb art really stand out.

Beach Bum Bath Bomb (for men)

The Beach Bum Bath Bomb for men has a wonderful clean and masculine smell. It produces great bath bomb art from start to finish. And it may give you a bit of a surprise at the end of the show. You can view a video on our Instagram page.

Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb

Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb

Keep in mind that all of our bath bombs are hand made. Therefore, bath bombs are never designed exactly the same. However, this is some bath bomb art that I was able to capture from our Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb.

Sweet Heart Bath Bomb

Sweet Heart Bath Bomb

The sweet heart bath bomb is another fun creative bath bomb that we make. You can see a video of the bath bomb art created when it is dunked under the water completely. You can also view more bath bomb art videos and demos on our Instagram feed.