Clearance Sale

clearance sale

Shop some of our fall and winter clearance items! They are great products that our customers enjoy. But we need to make room for our spring fragrances.

Bath Bomb Clearance

Bath bombs are such a great way to relax and take care of any dry winter skin. So, if winter has taken its toll on your skin, get one of our creative bath bombs to help you relax and remedy some of your dry skin.

Clean Earth Bath Bomb (Glitter)

$1.25 (2 left)

 Berry Patch Bath Bomb

$1.25 (sold out)

Plumeria Bath Bomb

$1.25 (Sold Out)

Exotic Breeze Bath Bombs

$1.25 (5 left)

Groovy Orange Bath Bomb (Glitter)

$1.25 (4 left)

Lemon Something Bath Bombs

$0.75 (1 left)

Essential Oil Bath Bombs

Lavender Bath Bombs (Lavender Buds)

$1.25 (3 left)

Lemongrass Bath Bombs

$1.25 (Sold Out)

Spearmint Bath Bombs

$1.25 (7 left)

Mandarin-Orange Bath Bombs

$1.25 (10 left)

Soaps, Balms, & Oils Clearance

Pumpkin Spice (100% Organic Coconut Oil Soap)

$2.00 (sold out)

Pumpkin Spice (Coconut Body Balm)

$2.25 (sold out)

Our pumpkin spice is a fall and winter favorite for pumpkin fans! It is a really pleasant pumpkin fragrances the customers purchase from year to year.

Berry Patch (100% Organic Coconut Oil Soap)

$2.00 (Sold Out)

Berry Patch (Coconut Body Balm)

$2.25 (sold out)

This is a great fragrance for women year-round. And it too is a favorite among many of our customers. However, it has a been called “autumn berries” at one time.

Exotic Breeze Body Wash

$1.50 (1 left)

Exotic Breeze Body Oil Spray

$2.50 (1 left)

Exotic Breeze is a semi-sweet tropical jungle fragrance with a subtle banana tones. Although a men’s fragrance, the smell is simple and pleasant enough to be used by a woman.

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