Trade Show #1

Trade Show #1

Lynese’s Bath Products, LLC participated in their first trade show event on January 11, 12, and 13. It was held at Larry’s Trade Days in Winnie, TX.

Friday, January 11, 2019

We arrived excited and ready to figure out what’s what. Thinking we were late, we actually arrive earlier than the other vendors that eventually arrived. After the other vendors arrived and set up, we realized that our tables were setup facing the wrong direction (insert laugh). Fortunately/Unfortunately, it was still quite cold out, so the customer’s had not yet started arriving to the event.

During this day, we met other vendors and found out that January and February are the worst months of the year to have a Trade Show. Then, as the time dragged on, the other experienced vendors volunteered that even on a good month, Fridays are slow. So, after guzzling too much coffee in a effort to stay warm, we packed up a bit early in preparation for a better Saturday.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

This day we showed up prepared with warmer clothes, product labels, and information cards. Thankfully, the weather was warmer and the wind was calmer. And as a result, we were able to sell quite a few products on Saturday. Because of this, we stayed the entire day at the event.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Hosting an event three days in a row is like making a mini-move 3-days in a row. So, I was quite done when I got their in the ice cold air. Observing the other vendors brave the cold, I went ahead and setup our tables. It was a cloudy day, so it felt much colder than even Friday’s event. While still setting up, some strong winds started coming through knocking down some of my products and displays. So, I just packed some of them back up to avoid chasing after them in the wind (insert laugh). Long story short, I did not brave the cold for very many hours…it was like standing in a windy meat freezer! So, we packed up and ended this event earlier than expected because it was too cold and windy.


We lived and learned that January and February are not good times to host outdoor events. Nevertheless, we do appreciate your business!

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