Autumn Beauty Tips

Autumn Beauty Tips

This is a list of  Lynese’s Bath Products Autumn beauty tips. Autumn is an exciting time of year! The air becomes cooler and cooler as it prepares us for Winter. So, what art some Autumn beauty tips to get us ready for colder weather.

The first thing to remember is that beauty starts on the inside. Remember the old adage – “garbage in, garbage out.” While we do not necessarily have to be eating garbage, we may not be eating the proper foods that we need to keep our skin healthy.

#1 Get Enough Rest

Getting enough rest is one of the first autumn beauty tips because when we feel good we look good. However, more importantly, when we get enough rest it allows our body time to heal and repair itself. And also, it keeps us from overindulging in caffeinated drinks that can cause the skin to look dry and dehydrated.

#2 Stay Well-Hydrated

When cooler weather arrives, it is easy to make multiple trips to our favorite coffee house or hang out at the office coffee pot. Like getting under warm laundry on a cold day, warm drinks are cozy and comforting in the cool weather. The bad part is that excess caffeine can dehydrate the skin. This can result in dry skin and dark under-eye circles. Therefore, the next one of our Autumn beauty tips is to stay well-hydrated with high-quality water.

#3 Drink Low Carb Tea

Low carb tea is a simple alternative to high carb coffee drinks. We recommend drinking low carb tea for several reasons including: (1) teas are full of antioxidant, (2) tea has less caffeine than coffee, and (3) some warm teas can actually act like a toner for your face while sipping. Orange peel tea can act like a natural astringent for the skin.  You can read about the health benefits of drinking tea. However, you can view a selection of recommended low carb teas here.

#4 Eat & Drink Warming Spices

Many of the popular Autumn herbs and spices not only gently cleanse and detoxify the skin from the inside out, many of these herbs and spices have warming properties. You can capture some of the benefits with  things like ginger candy, cinnamon gum, and pumpkin spice. These herbs and spices help keep your skin healthy and nourished by removing toxins and increasing blood flow to the skin surface. Some of the most popular Autumn drinks are chai tea latte, pumpkin spice, and apple cider. Apple cider is delicious, however, you may want to look at the health benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar.

#5 Eat Chocolate

You may wonder how eating chocolate can be one of the Autumn beauty tips. Low carb chocolate is full of health benefits than can make us look and feel good. Chocolate is naturally low in carbs/sugar and comes from the seed of the cacao fruit. One of the health benefits of eating chocolate is that it causes our body to release the same hormone that is produced when a person falls in love. Have you ever seen someone in love? They look good because they feel good. They have a sense of well-being. So, incorporate some organic cacao powder (chocolate) powder or some delicious no-sugar added chocolate bars into your diet.

autumn beauty tips

#6 Omega 3-6-9

Unless contraindicated by your physician, we also recommend that you take pure omega-3 – 6 – 9 vitamins.  As an oil-based supplement, this omega vitamin can help you start fighting dry winter skin from the inside out.

#7 Organic Coconut Oil Bar Soaps

Our coconut oil bar soap is an excellent skin care products. Our 100% Organic Coconut Oil Soap is a deep-cleaning bar of soap, but it leaves the skin soft. The coconut oil soap provides a nice lather that is full of skin-nourishing benefits. The coconut oils penetrate deep into the skin. In this way, our bar soaps can promote an increase in blood flow to the skin’s surface resulting in healthy and healthy-looking skin.

Organic Coconut Oil Soap

#8 Coconut Body Balms

In a similar manner, our Coconut Body Balms are designed to (1) penetrate the skin deeply, (2) moisture the skin surface, and (3) seal in moisture. Because of this, Lynese’s coconut body balm provide you with benefits from the outside in and the inside out. It too increase blood flow allowing your body to supply you with a natural glow.



We hope you enjoyed our autumn beauty tips! Please subscribe to our blog and website for more skin care tips. Thanks for reading our autumn beauty tips.

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