How to Keep Skin Hydrated in the Winter?

How to Keep Skin Hydrated in the Winter?

Some of you have asked, how to keep skin hydrated in the winter months? While it can be tough, there are some practical measures that can be taken. This is a comprehensive approach to keep your skin hydrated in the winter.

1. Bundle up

One of the best defenses against winter skin is to avoid exposing your skin to the cold air. So, bundling up as much as possible is how to keep skin hydrated in winter. Well – it is at least a good start.

2. Use Gentle Cleansers

Next, avoid drying your skin out with harsh chemicals found in many traditional soap ingredients! Lynese’s 100% Organic Coconut Oil Bar Soap is a hydrating soap. It is a deep-penetrating soap, with a rich, creamy, skin-nourishing lather. In addition, Lynese’s Bath Products design soaps that can help improve blood flow. We will talk about this more later, but it can ultimately help prevent dry winter skin.

3. Avoid Hot Showers

In the winter, next to having a warm cup of chocolate next to a fire, a hot shower seems like the best! However, you may not realize that you are sweating and dehydrating yourself a bit in the shower. Therefore, taking a hot shower can lead to making your skin even dryer in the winter. So, try not to overdo it with the hot water – use warm water.

4. Moisturize the Skin

How to keep skin hydrated in the winter? Moisturize – And Lock It In! Therefore, just any old moisturizer will not do. For winter, you need a combination of moisturizers. You need one that penetrates the skin deeply. And another to hydrate the skin surface. And then, you need something to seal in the moisture. Lynese’s Coconut Body Balm is formulated to do just that! Read more>>

5. Avoid Over Washing

In the winter, we often wash our hands more often to get rid of germs. While this may be unavoidable, you can use antibacterial hand sanitizers to help retain some of the moisture. And you can always reapply your favorite coconut body balm for an added moisturizer.

6. Stay Hydrated

In the winter, it is easy to keep heading to the coffee or tea pot. However, coffee and strong teas can be a little dehydrating in the winter, especially if you do not rehydrate properly. So, drink plenty of high-quality low carb waters to keep your skin looking healthy this winter.

7. Remember, You Are What You Eat

Eating a healthy omega-3 fatty acids diet will help you get or keep pretty hydrated summer-like skin in the winter. You can learn more about, Omega 3 Fatty Acids and how to keep your skin hydrated in the winter. As your blood flows, it can help deliver some of your natural oils to your skin.

8. Keep Your Blood Flowing

Our blood is like a moving organ. It is responsible for transporting things like oxygen, vitamins, and minerals to every organ in our body including the skin. So, in the winter, our blood flow can slow down in the cooler weather making our skin cold and much more susceptible to dry skin. Lynese’s Organic Coconut Oil Soaps and balms are formulated to increase blood flow. So, they can improve your blood flow and hydrate your skin.

9. Drink Warming Teas

How to keep skin hydrated in the winter? Another way to help keep your skin hydrated in the winter is by drinking naturally warming teas like pumpkin spice, ginger, and chai teas. Naturally warming teas are designed to naturally keep our blood flowing well in the cooler months. So, with an increase in blood flow, you get an increase in temperature. And the result is that you can stay warmer and keep your skin hydrated.


You can shop Lynese’s Bath Products, LLC to discover more products to help you stay warm this winter. But for now, these are our suggestion on how to keep skin hydrated in the winter.


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