Falling Figs Coconut Body Balm

Falling Figs Coconut Body Balm

The Falling Figs Body Balm has a confident Fall earthy scent. It smells like a beautiful mid-Fall day in a garden of figs. Simple – but with a confident elegance.

$5.75 | 1 oz.

Product Description:

This delightful earthy body balm is a real treat for those that prefer a simple, clean fragrance. It warms the body and nourishes skin as a warming body balm. Therefore, you can remedy dry ashy skin and skin that is slightly irritated. To pamper yourself this Fall, give this unique earthy scent a try. The balm seals in moisture leaving no messy residue behind. It hydrates your skin and helps rejuvenate your day.

Product Benefits:

Formulated with organic coconut oil blend and beeswax to treat the skin and seal in the skin’s moisture. Learn more >>

Suggested Daily Use:

Generously apply this formula to dry skin morning and afternoon.

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