Vanilla-Lemon Coconut Body Balm

Vanilla-Lemon Coconut Body Balm

The elegantly scented vanilla lemon grassy coconut body balm is a must try for fall. Our authentic vanilla fragrance is very pleasant. While our lemongrass and citrus notes uplifts and calms. Therefore, it is an uplifting body balm that can be used year-round.


Product Description:
This delightful vanilla-lemony scented body balm is a real treat for the spring, summer, winter, or fall blues. However, it will also take care of those dry heels and chapped elbows. Warm up with this pleasing aroma as you pass the winter months. Although firm when cold, this body balm formula is melted and massaged into the skin leaving no sticky mess.

Product Benefits:
Formulated with an organic coconut oil, avocado oil, and beeswax to help seal in maximum moisture. Take time to learn more about the health benefits of using organic coconut oil for skin care.

Suggested Daily Use:
Rub scented coconut body balm generously over the skin while paying more attention to areas affected by dry skin.

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