How to Use a Bath Bomb?

How to Use a Bath Bomb?

This page teaches you how to use a bath bomb designed by Lynese’s Bath Products, LLC. Most bath bombs can just be tossed in the water. However, you can get a better bath bomb experience if you learn how to use a bath bomb created by us. Our bath bombs are still super easy to use! So, do not sweat…

Simple Steps to Follow

1. The Bath Tub

Simply fill your bath tub with comfortably warm water. Most of our bath bombs are scented and colored for an average bath tub size. To be more specific, they are designed assuming that the bath tub will be at least half full of water. Therefore, a shallow bath will provide a more brilliant color and concentration of fragrance.

2. The Water

The temperature of the water will affect the way a bath bomb fizzes. Therefore, comfortably warm water will provide the best results. If you place a bath bomb in cold water it will fizz slower than if you place it in hot water. Therefore, if you enjoy really warm bath, the bath bombs will fizz faster. And on the other hand, if you enjoy a cool bath, the bath bomb may fizz slower.

3. The Bath Bomb

Some of Lynese’s bath bombs are designed to float on top of the water. Therefore, to play it safe, gently place your creative bath bombs on top of the water after the tub has finished being filled with water. In this way, water does not splash on top of your bath bomb initiating the fizz.

Bath Bombs

4. Have Fun

So, enough with the instructions! It’s your bath bomb! So, you can dunk it completely under the water if you want and see what kind of bath bomb art it creates. Even if it gets completely wet, you will still get some nice combinations of colors and swirls. Otherwise, just place the entire bath bomb on top of the water.

Concluding Thoughts

Thank you for shopping Lynese’s Bath Products, LLC. You can learn more about our bath bombs by perusing our bath bomb information category. However, this concludes how to use a bath bomb created by Lynese’s Bath Products, LLC.

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