Sweet Grass Coconut Body Balm

Sweet Grass Coconut Body Balm

coconut body balmThe Sweet Grass Body Balm has a delightfully fresh and invigorating aroma. It has floral earthy tones which results in a mellow, slightly sweet scent. In fact, this fragrance is one of our best sellers for both men and women! Add it to your collection of bath and body products.

$6.25 | 1 oz.

Product Description:
Sweet grass body balm has a wonderful fresh green scent with mild wood and floral tones. Some say it has a “hint of the sea.” This body balm is designed to easily melt and penetrate the skin surface. Therefore, this fresh body balm is a real treat for dry skin, especially those chapped elbows and dry heels. It is formulated to be easily massaged into the skin with no stickiness. The balm seals in moisture on the surface and helps to rejuvenate your skin with a fine blend of oils.

Product Benefits:
Formulated with fragrance oil, organic coconut oil, avocado oil, and beeswax to seal in maximum moisture.

Suggested Daily Use:
To pamper yourself, gently massage the body balm on your skin daily after a bath or shower. Give special attention to patches of rough dry skin and problem areas. This is the recommended use for body balm.

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