Berry Patch Coconut Body Balm

Berry Patch Coconut Body Balm

The Berry Patch Body Balm is a must try for Fall! The smell is a very elegant combination of sweet, musk, and floral. Therefore, you may discover a hint of berry, pear, apricot, jasmine, and even a touch of musk or sandalwood.

$6.25 | 1 oz.

Product Description:

This delightful body balm is a real treat for those chapped elbows, dry heels, or slightly irritated skin. To pamper yourself, wrap your skin in this skin nourishing blend of oils. This body balm is designed to easily melt and penetrate the skin. Therefore, this formula is easily massaged into the skin leaving it soft and supple with no sticky mess. The balm seals in moisture and helps to rejuvenate you and your skin with a fine blend of natural ingredients.

Product Benefits:

Formulated with organic coconut oil, avocado oil, and beeswax to seal in maximum moisture. Learn more >>

Suggested Daily Use:

Gently dab body balm onto the skin with special attention given to areas affected by dry skin daily.

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4 thoughts on “Berry Patch Coconut Body Balm

  1. I’m totally in love with the Berry Patch Body Balm! It is especially perfect for you lips as well. This balm is perfect when applied at the beginning of your day and after a long stressful day at work (especially your feet). The texture nice and smooth. The amount of moisture provided is just enough,
    not leaving a greasy feeling at all. I definitely recommend giving this a try!

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  2. I used this balm and I really liked it and after I used this my body was glowing and soft plus this balm have natural ingredients that is good for your body and after you use it your body will glow and be so soft and smooth


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