What is a Bath Bomb?

What is a Bath Bomb?

If you are wondering, what is a bath bomb, you are in for a really nice treat! Ultimately, a bath bomb is a great way to relax and unwind at the end of a long day or week. You use them when you have time to sit in the tub, soak, and relax. Let the aromatherapy provided by the bath bomb help you relax. This is all the while you are giving your skin a deep moisturizing treatment.

But, what is a bath bomb? In short, a basic bath bombs has basic skin care benefits with ingredients that fizz once you place them in warm water. However, our bath bombs do more than just fizz when you place them in water. Lynese’s bath bombs are uniquely shaped, scented, and colored. In addition, they provide multiple skin care benefits.

The Shape

When bath bombs were first introduced, most of them were round in shape and about the size of a baseball. However, now you can purchases cool bath bombs in various shapes and sizes. Lynese’s Bath Products, LLC, specialize in making bath bomb bricks for retail. However, we also sell creative bath art bombs online.

The Scent

Bath bombs can be scented with essential oils or fragrance oils. Therefore, you can pick and choose whichever bath bomb scents that you prefer. Lynese’s Bath Products, LLC. scent their bath art bombs with fragrances. However, the all natural bath bombs are scented with various essential oils.

The Colors

Some bath bomb shops specialize in one thing or another. Therefore, some will focus on adding deep and rich colors to their bath bombs. As a result, you can end up with some really cool bath bomb art! Lynese’s Bath Products, LLC use a lot of color in most of our creative bath art bombs. However, some of our all natural bath bombs are made using all natural ingredients including essential oils and dried flowers.

The Skin Care Benefits

Most bath bombs are made with at least a little oil of some sort. However, depending on the bath bomb shop that makes them, they may add more or less oil to their bath bombs. In addition, the quality of their oil may vary. Different oils can benefit the skin to different degrees.

In addition, some of the main ingredients used to make bath bombs have great skin care benefits. Therefore, bath bombs are pretty great moisturizers for the skin. But clearly, some will be more beneficial than others depending on the kind of oils added to the bath bombs.

Thanks for reading our blog post answer to, What Is a Bath Bomb! Please visit our bath bomb shop to treat yourself to one of Lynese’s bath bombs. This concludes – What Is a Bath Bomb?

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